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Move your family into the right home with our experienced real estate services! A real estate agent offers marketing tools that allow you to compete for Buyers and Sellers in this complex web called a real estate transaction. Some homeowners choose to place a sign in the yard and an ad in the paper to market their home on their own. Of course, others choose a realtor, like The Jacobs Company of Stuttgart to market their real estate. A do-it-yourself project always has its pitfalls and this is where the professionals can help. Our services include using pricing your home right, providing reliable real estate brokerage services, marketing your home for resale, and knowing what to do after receiving an offer.

Helping Buyers & Sellers
A Realtor™ is a third party that represents buyers and sellers in a transaction and provides negotiating skills, knowledge of available financing, and market conditions to guide you through the transaction. Familiar with the market, are you able to properly price your home? Can you find a loan that fits the needs of a buyer? Does your work schedule allow you the time to meet the work schedules of all buyers?

Brokerage Services
Brokerage services are offered for the sale of residential, commercial, vacant land, farm acreage, and acreage. We utilize a number of very important marketing tools to assist with the marketing of a residential home. Tools assist an agent in exposing the home to the market and identifying qualified prospects. Our agents are experienced in the sale of homes and have worked with many buyers and sellers to obtain their goals.

Real Estate Listings
To see our newest area listings click on website and select "search properties" on the left hand side of the screen. We can help you find family homes, condos, and other properties.

Appraisal services are offered in the Grand Prairie area for residential properties. A typical request for an appraisal is by lenders for collateral valuation. Placing a value for marketing on your property is provided under brokerage services for selling your property. We offer various reports, and the correct report for your property is determined for your needs. Your needs can range from a complete appraisal to a very limited appraisal. We also perform evaluations that are not appraisals, but is strictly used as a valuation report for a very limited use. A complete appraisal can consider the three approaches to value that is required for a complete appraisal. The cost approach is used primarily in new construction. Contact us for more information.

Get professional real estate appraisals from our experts.
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